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Primary Industry

Scugog contains some of the best farmland in Southern Ontario. The geology of the area features loam, clay, and gravel substrata. Seventy-five thousand acres of the township is covered with four hundred farms. The farms bring in over fifty million dollars a year into the local economy. Strawberries, raspberries, and garden vegetables are grown in the area. Also, the micro-climate of The Oak Ridges Moraine allows for fruit orchards, and vineyards. Commercial sugarbush operators produce fine maple products in the spring.

Secondary Industry

There are three industrial parks in Scugog Township, and a number of other industrial sites. They are in close proximity to highways 7,12, and 7A, making all of Ontario very accessible. Scugog is already home to a variety of 25 secondary industry businesses.

Tertiary Industry

Port Perry is well known for its shopping. Many service businesses have decided to locate in Port Perry, including restaurants, clothing stores, and specialty stores. A large portion of the business comes from tourists visiting Port Perry from larger cities such as Toronto and Oshawa.